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Following are links to a few of the many news stories about RFID student tracking in San Antonio:

Tracking Students with RFID Chips is Pretty Lucrative – Motherboard -

Texas School ID Tracking Chips Protested By Parents And Students – Huffington Post -

The Hernandez Family on InfoWars Nightly News - Starts at 18:15

The Hernandez Family on the Alex Jones Show - Starts at 1:53

Texas school district to track kids through RFID tags – CNET-

Students will be tracked via chips in IDs- San Antonio Express -

San Antonio schools to use scanner technology in student IDs – Los Angeles Times -

Northside ISD to track students using RFID cards on campus – Texas Public Radio -

Northside ISD Smart Student ID program drawing critics –KSAT TV Video link -

San Antonio News Covers the RFID School Tracking Protest

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