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What consumers are saying about Levi's spychipping:

"RFID? Are you kidding me? Test this.. Goodbye Levis."

"Good luck in your [decision] and neglecting the privacy of your customers that bought your products. In sales there is a rule I have followed for many years and that is the rule of 250. For all I do right or wrong each one I deal with will talk to 250 other people in due time about me. Your decision to invade our lives, (and this will of course escalate) will certainly reflect on your bottom line in due time."
--Michael H.

"I will from now on abstain from buying any of Levi Strauss products until I am aware that Levis will not be using Rfid tagging in any of its products or production process. I will also make sure to inform all my friends about Levi's attack on my privacy and recommend that they abstain from using or acquiring Levis products."
--David M.

"I am extremely wary of buying anything with a chip that can track me home or anywhere else I might go..I don't like the idea of big brother watching even when I go to the bathroom, so I will no longer buy Levi's or Dockers if I even suspect there might be a RFID chip in them. I've worn Levi's for 40 years, but that is about to stop with this RFID spyware. Please don't do this to us!"

"This message is for Levis and Dockers. I will NEVER buy your products again, even if you decide NOT TO put the RFID chips in your clothes etc. I will not buy them because in the first place you should have never even thought about it to put chips in them. A sensible suggestion: if you want to tag, tag yourselves not others."
--Edna, Canada

"I'm within my rights when I tell you that I will NEVER buy another Levi product. Your sneaky-ass approach has violated public trust. Just think... news of your activities is relatively low-level now and not a lot of people are aware of your deceptive little trick. Just wait 'til this gets wider play. ... People don't like it when they get screwed by a company they thought they could trust."

"Goodbye Levi...chip my clothes? I'll ditch your product."

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