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What consumers are saying about Levi's spychipping:

"I want you to know that I will no longer be buying any Levi products until you state publicly, that you will desist from implanting RFIDs in any of the apparel you produce. Neither will my family members. The danger of using RFIDs for tracking and violating privacy is apparent. Maybe you could produce some RFID "neckties" for tracking cows or other animals?"
-- George, California

I have been a very loyal customer of Levi jeans for my entire adult life. Alltogether I have probably spent about $1,000 on your blue jeans (and other products like t-shirts, socks, etc). I've used other brands but I keep coming back to Levi. They're extremely comfortable and they fit perfectly (and I have a very unusual size for my age, 30x30).

But I will not buy your products any more. Never. I'm going to start buying Wrangler or Lee. They're almost as good and they're a lot cheaper too. But most of all, they do not contain spy chips.

A recent trade magazine article stated that you are looking for "additional RFID test partners". Upon further investigation I learned that your company plans on placing these chips on all of your jeans sold nationwide.

I am a marketing research professional and I certainly do understand your need to gain insight into consumer behaviour. But what do you hope to learn by putting a dust-sized microchip on my ass, following me around and transmitting my whereabouts to god-knows-who? No wonder you are keeping this a secret from the American public.

You probably have a policy of responding to emails with some kind of canned "thank you for your comments" deal. Please don't bother. If you send me any emails I will delete them immediately. your company makes me sick to my stomach.
-- Anonymous

"It has come to my attention of the usage of RFID's in your products. I have been using your products (jeans and Dockers) for about 50 years. I find this invasion into my private life to be especially egregious behavior on your part. I have just tossed the ten pairs of Jeans and three pairs of Dockers into the trash. You have lost my confidence as a consumer. Now I will go replace my jeans with Wranglers and my Dockers with Lands End. Congratulations on betraying a customer's loyalty. These actions will relayed to family members and as many friends as will listen."
-- Grant

I love Levis. I've worn them since a young child, and wore a pair yesterday. So it is with great disappointment that I am going to have to purchase your brand of pants no longer if you use RFID chips in them.

How such and old American company can be so irresponsible is beyond me, but there are plenty of other manufacturers who would like my business. I hope that the "experiment" with this technology is quickly terminated as I would hate to think I've already purchased my last pair of Levis. Please review and correct this poor choice and error in corporate judgement before you alienate a large and growing portion of your customer base.
David, Albany, NY

"Dear Sir or Madam, I recently read that Levi is going to "test" RFID chips embedded in the clothing. I am outraged at this blatant invasion of my privacy, if true. I have worn Levi's in one form or another all my life. I particularly like the 501's, but I guarantee that I will not be buying even one more pair until you tell me that you are not putting these chips into my pants. What purpose will it serve to know where I am all the time? Why would you do this? It defies comprehension, it truly does! I am going to blab about this to all my friends, and I know a LOT of people. Since I drive a truck, who knows how many people will hear me talking about being tracked by Levi's and Docker's over the CB radio. I can assure you that a lot of people who drive a truck and wear levis will be very upset to hear about this. If you are doing this STOP NOW, I beg you. This is a very nasty thing to do to innocent purchasers of your product!"
-- Jackie

Question: Why should you listen to me?

Answer: I have only bought Levi's Jeans and no other brand since I was a kid (expect for a few pairs of Guess in the 80's when they were hot). I (and others like me collectively have been your profits for many, many years)

My Comments on RFID:

If RFID is to be used for inventory control and managment - great! More power to you! Put one in a crate after you have counted the product that will signal how many is in each box. Or some other solution that will not force people to take home an unwanted guest (The RFID chip) whether it is still transmitting or not (but especially if it is).

But I don't want my pants tracked (or any other product for that matter). It's too weird. And it is only going to get more invasive. I hope companies like you will listen to your customers.

I am boycotting your jeans (and I need several pairs right now) until you discontinue your current RFID test and announce plans to do it in a way that will strictly limit it to your own inventory information, etc.

I will also be telling everyone I know about what you are doing (and already have told some people) and asking them to boycott your product as well.

Tracking people's usage of the products through electronic means (even if you insist it is innocuous) is an invasion of privacy, and you have to admit (if only to yourselves, and not to your boss, board of directors, etc.) that it is eerily Orwellian by it's very nature.

I implore you to rethink your RFID test until such time as you can find a way to use the technology wherein people will not have to take the chip home with them (perhaps they can see it being removed from the item, just as is now done w/ theft control tags). I don't even want the device if companies claim it will burn out within a month or whatever. It's too strange and if we the consumers who buy your product allow this to happen, it will only get more invasive.

Please restrategize this - I want to buy your product again.
-- Jeff


I understand the drive to minimize profit loss however the process of using or entertaining the use of RFID to accomplish this goal blurs the ethical lines. With the potential threat to privacy being one of the biggest concerns to consumers including myself I refuse to support a company with the fear that by supporting them they can turn around and violate my personal right to privacy. Until I learn that Levi Strauss has decided to take the high road regarding RFID and related technology I will opt to spend my money supporting companies that do so.

Trust you rise above this...

I am totally disgusted with your decision to RFID your line of clothing. Its your bottom line that your are choosing to crash. I like Wranglers just as well or any other non RFID brand. The more everyone is informed about this practice the less you will sell, that should be obvious to you. Most people will not put up with this mass taging of clothing. I know you are not the only company engaged in this despicable tracking of people violating their civil rights. As these companies come to light, I will not support them with my dollars.


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