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What consumers are saying about Levi's spychipping:

"I will not be buying, wearing or affiliating myself in any way of any of your products until you lay off the rfid tags.
Boo Hiss on rfid's in Levi products ! ! !"
--Kate against rfids

"I just bought two pairs of Levi's taking them right back to the store and will exchange for Wranglers - RFID is a breach of my privacy!"

"I still have some old pairs of levi's, but will not be purchasing any new ones for sure!!! I can wear no name denims if I have to, or switch. THIS IS SCARY!!!"

"I have just learned about your RFID item-level tagging initiative. I am APPALLED! How dare your company do this without letting the public know! How DARE you! By placing RFID tags in your products, you reduce human to nothing more than cattle to be marked as property. I am a private citizen, I am owned by NO ONE and I have the right to my privacy conerning what I wear and who I purchase it from. As a consequence, I will, from this day forward, be BOYCOTTING all Levi Strauss products. Every last one of them. I will tell all my friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who will listen how you are tagging us like cattle. Shame on you!"

"Levi's, I've worn them for over 30 years. Gee, and I was gonna dump them when they went from 7 to 5 belt loops (BTW, less is not always more...and cost cutting measures aren't always the best idea!), but I didn't. If they put a chip in my jeans, I'll be putting a kink in their wallet!"

"I am not going to buy Levis jeans anymore,"

"I will refrain from buying any Levi product untill I hear that they respect mine and every other persons privacy."

"You just lost my business. Until you state under penalty of perjury that you have stopped using RFID your outa my life. The fact that you have sneaked this into your product line is all I need to hear..."

"At this present time I will boycott your products because of the use of RFID until I am certain that you or any one associated with Levi Strauss is not using RFID in clothing associated with Levi Strauss. I don't want to be tracked or have my clothing tracked because its a violation of my personal privacy and I don't want Levi Strauss or one of its agents following me or knowing who I am or where I'm going. The Boycott begins NOW for me and I will pass this on to all family, friends and co-workers."

"I don't wear blue jeans, but I certainly will not purchase any Levi's or any Dockers products EVER because of this ploy... the company's actions have violated the public trust. Human beings are not animals to be tagged and tracked."

"Thanks for the memories Levi's! You were once the jeans to wear in the late 70's eary 80's. Those will be just memories for me and my family... Stop rfid or I'll stop buying."

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