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More Photos:
German Consumers Demand an End to RFID Experiments!

German consumers walk 4 kilometers (2.4 miles) to the protest site

Passing through the town of Rheinberg

The "consumer privacy march" to METRO's Future Store

German consumers are undeterred by the cold weather and recent snow

Protestors gather outside the METRO Extra "Future Store"

Protest signs raise concerns over RFID in Payback loyalty card and razor products

Brochures given to METRO shoppers describe the dangers of RFID

FoeBuD's padeluun and Claudia Fischer deliver a speech to the crowd

Germans make their feelings known with the METRO Extra Future Store as a backdrop

  • No uncontrolled RFID implementation!

  • Stop RFID and customer card trials immediately!

  • Set up and fund a forum of data, consumer, environmental, and civil rights protection protagonists, to ensure an introduction of RFID that is compatible with democracy and acceptable to society!

Click here to see how METRO responded >>
Click here to take a tour of the Future Store >>


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