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Media Coverage


We could not begin to cover the literally hundreds of print, television and radio features that have appeared in Germany spotlighting the RFID scandal unfolding at METRO. There has truly been an avalanche of press coverage, including prime-time television spots, front page headlines in major newspapers, and features in the major news magazines.

To view a sampling of media stories written on the METRO Future Store Scandal, see:
(This link takes you to a rough translation of FoeBuD's media page, with links to original articles in German)

Here are a few more:

Wir wollen keine unkontrollierte RFID-Einfuhrung,1518,288182,00.html
Spiegel, Germany's most influential news magazine, interviews FodBud's Co-Director, padeluun

Metro eckt mit Funk-Chips an
Financial Times, Germany, February 9, 2004


The RFID scandal engulfing METRO is spreading like wildfire across the Internet, both in and outside of Germany. Nearly all of the commentary is negative. It is clear that the world's citizens are deeply concerned about METRO's RFID activities.  

See for yourself:


The English-speaking press is just beginning to cover the groundswell of German opposition to the METRO Future Store. Here are a few recent stories:

German Revolt Against RFID
The Register, March 1, 2004

Germans Protest Radio-ID Plans

Wired News, February 28, 2004,1367,62472,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

German Metro Retreats On RFID
MIT Technology Review, March 1, 2004

German retail giant withdraws RFID customer tags
In-Sourced, March 1, 2004
METRO Stops Radio Chip Card Use
Planet Retail, March 1, 2004
German Retailer Halts Radio Chip Practice
Associated Press via Yahoo News, Feb 27, 2004

Continue the tour to see the German reponse: A protest! >>


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