March 2006: New Hampshire's WMUR features Chapter 1 from the book, "Spychips…"

On March 8, 2006, WMUR News features the entire first chapter of the book, "Spychips…" by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre

Imagine a world of no more privacy…

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No surprise that WorldNetDaily picked-up our story on the Cincinnati company that is requiring any employee who works in its secure data center to be implanted

Great coverage of RFID, as always!

"It's wrong to link a person's paycheck
with getting an implant…"
--Liz McIntyre

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  March 2006: 'Smart' Technology Promises Efficiency but Raises Questions

CBN discusses CASPIANS's RFID campaign, machines that measure mood, and the "Internet of Things"…

…the future carries a promise of efficiency, but brings with it the potential to invade our privacy like never before.

by Heather Sells

March 3, 2006

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  March 2006: Liz McIntyre discusses the RFID Threat with Democracy Now!

"Spychips" co-author, Liz McIntyre, speaks with Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now!" on why RFID should concern us. Also featured is spychip-implantee and freelance journalist, Annalee Newitz

Democracy Now! is broadcasted by over 400 stations nationwide.

March 1, 2006

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  February 2006: Homeland Security Looking at RFID Technology to Track Individuals

"While the RFI is directed at border security, we're very concerned the government will use this tracking technology in our driver's licenses"
--Liz McIntyre

February 22, 2006

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  January 2006: Spychips make Orwell's Big Brother seem relatively harmless

"…the tagging of everything, and thus of everyone, can be stopped dead in its tracks with massive consumer action reflecting the very high level of consumer opposition to RFID."

by Kéllia Ramares

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  January 2006: Corporations can tap into privacy, too

"RFID does offer benefits," Texas author Liz McIntyre said in a phone interview. But, much more importantly, "it also puts us on a slippery slope…"

January 7, 2006

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  December 2005: An Interview with Liz McIntyre: About “Spychips”

Spychips' Co-Author, Liz McIntyre, debunks the myth about student tagging security, and more...


by Michael F. Shaughnessy

December 12, 2005

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  December 2005: "LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER - Hold off on that chip, says Thompson"

Liz and Katherine's recent Tommy Thompson scandal press release created a flurry of over 39 published stories. On December 12, World Net Daily featured it as their exclusive featured headline!

"Ex-Bush Cabinet officer in no rush
for implant"

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  December 2005: Mother Jones interviews Katherine Albrecht on RFID and consumer surveillance

"RFID tags can be so easily hidden into products—things people buy and carry—and the reader devices can be so easily hidden into aspects of the environment. This makes it extremely easy for someone who wants to observe and watch people in these surreptitious ways to do so." -KA

by Michael Beckel

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  November 2005: KTVT Dallas (CBS 11) interviews Spychips' Co-Author, Liz McIntyre

"Most people wouldn't like the idea of someone knowing everywhere they're going, and keeping track of it in a giant database, especially when it's done without their knowledge or consent"
-Liz McIntyre

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2 min, 30 sec
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  November 2005: CBN NEWS "BRAVE NEW WORLD - What the FDA Won’t Tell You about the VeriChip"

"...anyone who can get within a couple of inches or a few feet of you, even with a reader device they have hidden in a backpack or a purse, would be able to scan..." -KA

By CBN News
Sr. Reporter, Dale Hurd

  November 2005: Audio Interview with Katherine Albrecht, by Bill Thompson

"You can run, but you may not be able to hide. Not just from Big Brother, but Big Business, writes Katherine Albrecht in her book Spychips, a detailed analysis of how Radio Frequency Identification technology -- RFID for short -- threatens to erode the last vestiges of our privacy."

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10:26 min
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  November 2005: Katherine Albrecht Talks Consumer Privacy & RFID, by Laurie Sullivan

"Now you've got the potential for your HMO, public health officials, and other people whose interests may not simply be marketing, to keep track of the food on your shelf..."

audio part 1

(5.92 MB .mp3)

part 2

  October 2004: Canada's CBC MARKETPLACE interviews Katherine Albrecht

"We are essentially, with our shopping dollars -- we're funding this whole monster, we are funding the system, we're funding the databases, we're paying the salaries of the people who are collecting this data on us. We are essentially paying to build our own data prisons here." -KA

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RealVideo 9:41 min.


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