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Help Stop RFID item-level tagging of consumer products! Following are ways you can make a difference:

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Register your opposition to retail surveillance and support our activities by joining CASPIAN. There is no membership fee and you can sign up anonymously if you wish.

While you're on our site you can also sign up to receive our periodic newsletter. And if you have some spare time, we can also use all the volunteers we can get.

If you would like to provide a gift to CASPIAN, please contact Katherine Albrecht directly via phone or e-mail. Please note: we are not a non-profit 501c3 corporation. Therefore, gifts are not tax-deductible.


e-mail kma(at/@)


  • CASPIAN has proposed legislation, The RFID Right to Know Act, that would require mandatory labeling to inform consumers when an item contains an RFID tag. It would also prohibit companies from linking the chips with personally identifying information.
  • WE NEED A SPONSOR FOR THE BILL. Email or write your Congressional Representative and ask them to sponsor this legislation.
  • You can find your local representative at:
  • CASPIAN also supports anti-chipping legislation like the recent law passed in Wisconsin. This law makes it a crime to require an individual to be implanted with a microchip. Please contact your elected representatives to request their sponsorship!
  • Please forward Assembly Bill 290 (PDF) to legislators in your state.


  • Purchase products from companies that do not monitor shoppers
  • Make a conscious choice not to support harmful corporate practices with your hard-earned shopping dollars
  • Be consistent and courageous about your decision


  • Write an E-mail of complaint to let companies know how you feel about RFID technology
  • Write a letter to corporate management
  • Write to your newspaper editor, or to your favorite blogger, commentator, radio host, or TV news anchor
  • Write an article and publish it yourself
  • Discuss the issue in your organization or company newsletter


  • Link to from your site
  • Invite friends and family members to visit this website
  • Invite a corporate type to visit this website
  • Give a talk
  • Print up and distribute flyers
  • Teach your children the importance of privacy


  • Provide a service from your company (printing flyers, bumper stickers, letterhead, envelopes, advertisement, legal advice, web hosting, etc.)
  • Buy CASPIAN a banner ad on a high-traffic website


  • Start a local CASPIAN chapter
  • Organize a protest
  • Get your group (political, social, religious) involved in the anti-RFID effort
  • Picket "trial" monitoring programs at your local store


  • Think twice before buying any product or participating in any program that requires you to sacrifice your privacy, freedom, or self-respect in exchange for convenience, "rewards," or so-called "savings."
  • Being registered, numbered, catalogued, and watched is going to backfire on all of us someday. Help protect future generations by refusing to participate.
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