March 18, 2007

AIM Global comes clean on RFID


AIM Global, the international standards body whose membership roster reads like a who's who of RFID tagging, "smart" chipping, bar coding, electronic article surveillance, etc. usually has only good things to say about RFID, no matter how much of a stretch it takes.

However, this week they did something different, and let RFID have it with both barrels. (Well, at least compared to their usual cheerleading.) Bert Moore, the editor of their "RFID Connections" newsletter, writes:

RFID: "Et tu, Brute?" -- Killing Some RFID "Truths" seems appropriate to try to "kill" some widely held "truths" about RFID. Since "RFID Connections" tends to explain the benefits of RFID, this may be seen as "traitorous" -- but it needs to be done "for the good of the industry." Because telling the truth about RFID is the true purpose of this e-newsletter.

Myth 1: RFID has "matured." Untrue
Myth 2: Data on RFID tags/cards is secure. Untrue.
Myth 3: RFID poses no threat to privacy. Untrue.
Myth 4: RFID prevents counterfeiting. Untrue.
Myth 5: RFID is non-line-of-sight readable. Misleading.
Myth 6: RFID tags cannot be counterfeited. Half truth.

It's refreshing to see a member of the industry come clean and finally start acknowledging what we've been saying all along. RFID is insecure, ineffective, and bad for privacy.

-Katherine Albrecht

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