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July 22, 2007

Associated Press article spotlights VeriChip controversy

Hello to CASPIAN members and friends:

The VeriChip battle is heating up! The Associated Press published a feature article today on the human implant controversy that is appearing on newsstands across America:

Chips: High tech aids or tracking tools?
By Todd Lewan, AP National Writer
July 22, 2007

The article is highlighted on the Drudge Report and is printed in over 200 newspapers and news outlets around the country, including USA Today, Business Week, Forbes, Fox News, and the Washington Post.

Major papers in Houston, Seattle, Denver, San Jose, Charlotte, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, and more have picked up the story. It has even reached the UK Guardian newspaper and outlets in Canada and Australia. For a partial list, see:

The article features a full color photo of our anti-chipping protest in West Palm Beach, Florida and a link to our new http://www.AntiChips.com website. It also features quotes by me and my Spychips co-author Liz McIntyre, and mentions our book, "Spychips: How major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID."

I spoke with Todd Lewan, the AP reporter who wrote the story, and told him everything we know about the downsides of the VeriChip Corporation and its dangerous, Big Brother plans to chip the public. (Liz and I have been posting these stories on our Spychips.com website for several years at http://www.spychips.com/press.html) . Mr. Lewan independently verified many of our concerns and discussed them in the article.

Back in May after our West Palm Beach protest, I asked you all to be patient, as the truth about the VeriChip would soon be coming out. Now our efforts to alert the public are beginning to bear fruit.

Sit tight. This is just the start of the backlash.

In freedom,
Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Founder and Director, CASPIAN Consumer Privacy

Host of "Uncovering the Truth"
We the People Radio Network, M-F 10AM-12PM EST

Co-author of "SPYCHIPS: How Major Corporations and Government
Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID

Human Chipping: http://www.AntiChips.com
RFID Tagging: http://www.spychips.com
Shopper Cards: http://www.nocards.org
Boycott Gillette: http://www.BoycottGillette.com
Boycott Tesco: http://www.BoycottTesco.com
Bio online at: http://www.spychips.com/media/katherine-albrecht.html

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Good and Evil: The Dark Side is Getting Bolder

Get a load of THIS -

"Send the sheeple from the streets and find them in the
highrises. Knock the stuffing out of them and collect their
blood. It can be used to your benefit. Turn that awful bleating
into awesome bleeding."

The demons are revealing themselves and asking for blood - in Toyota
ads, even. If I didn't already believe there was serious spiritual
warfare going on, I would be starting to suspect it now.

Here's another one:
Freek Soda: http://www.freek.com
A nice, tall, frosty glass of evil energy, anyone?

And the people who slap RFID ankle bracelets onto babies in hospitals
(part of the VeriChip/Digital Angel/ADSX family of human implants and
other people tracking products) have changed their name. No longer are
they called "Hugs and Kisses" and "Halo."

Now they're called "XMark." http://www.xmark.com

Things are heating up.

-Katherine Albrecht

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