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June 12, 2007

RFID brain download

Today's open windows related to RFID from my desktop, in no particular order:

Staples Trials Reusable RFID Tags
Staples crossing dangerously close to the item-level RFID-tagging line that could bring on boycotts and/or protests. The tags are removable and not meant to leave the store, if that's any consolaton.

Search Teams Put RFID to the Rescue to Help Find the Missing
"Rescue agencies in the United States and Canada are leveraging RFID wristbands and readers to cut the time needed to locate lost individuals."
Yep. You can definitely use RFID to track people. (But nobody would ever abuse that, right?)

Belgian Biometric Passport does not get a pass...Your personal data are in danger!
"...I think [Belgium is] probably going to be the best in all of Europe in terms of security of passports..."
James Sensenbrenner, Congressman, April 21st, 2004, [link]
Bzzzt! Wrong again, as this report shows.

RFID News: SCDigest Unplugged Interview with Procter & Gamble on RFID
"We Have EPC Questions; P&G’s Dick Cantwell Has Answers"

If you've read Spychips, you know Dick Cantwell is not your friend.

NY Electronic Tagging Device Bill - An Orwellian Measure
Assembly Bill 5424, recently introduced by State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), is a draconian measure which will victimize many innocent New York men and fathers. The bill requires “any person against whom an order of protection is issued…to wear an electronic monitoring device.” The device will allow pinpoint tracking of the wearer, and tampering with the device will be a felony.

Need intellectual ammo against this? See my earlier blog entry on tracking criminals here:
Be Careful what you Wish on your Enemies

New report examines RFID in the postal system
"The report, entitled 'RFID For The Postal And Courier Service', published by IDTechEx, also projects that the sector's value could be much greater if current efforts to tag individual items gain widespread acceptance."
Will postal anonymity be the next thing to go?
[Site requires subscription]

Fish with built-in chips - the aquarium of the future?

> The Underwater World aquarium in Singapore has implanted approximately 20 fish in its Living Fossils exhibition tank with low frequency 23mm glass RFID transponders .
[Site requires subscription]

- Katherine Albrecht

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