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April 30, 2007

Sushi with Checkpoint


Checkpoint (the dual EAS/RFID promoters from the story below) know that if they pursue their plans to combine EAS and RFID I will be on them "like a duck on a bug" as my grandma used to say.

Here's why they know. I once spent an evening with the Checkpoint guys back in 2003. We wound up in the same shuttle leaving from the EPC global launch (the one we sued over) after I had spent the day protesting and speaking to the media, and they had spent the day shmoozing with their industry associates.

After chatting in the shuttle, we decided to have dinner together to talk over our mutual interest in RFID. They took me to a very nice, expensive Japanese restaurant, complete with fountains, tasteful bamboo decor, and handmade pottery plates. We shared war stories over sushi and sake, and talked about how hard it would be for the industry to recover from the bad PR surrounding the Gillette/Tesco fiasco and the Auto-ID Center documents we had publicized.

In as friendly a way as I could, I let them know that that was just the start of the industry's troubles. I told them that if Checkpoint ever developed the EAS/RFID tag they'd been mulling, they would have me -- and an entire army of consumers -- to worry about. We left that Japanese restaurant on handshake terms, and I hoped I would never have to make good on that threat.

It's a shame they've gone ahead and done it anyway. It was a nice meal, at least.

-Katherine Albrecht

Posted by Katherine Albrecht at April 30, 2007 6:44 AM


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