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August 30, 2006

Procter & Gamble Products You May Want to Avoid

folgers no.jpg

No more waking up to Folgers for me! I mistakenly bought this Procter & Gamble brand coffee at the store the other day because the label indicated it is was made by the Folgers Company. Turns out that P & G owns the Folgers brand.

CASPIAN does not currently have a boycott against P & G, but like many of you, I have decided to avoid purchasing its products because of its involvement in promoting item-level RFID. (We do have a boycott against its recently acquired company Gillette! See www.boycottGillette.com.)

Procter & Gamble was instrumental in starting the ball rolling on item-level tagging, and it was involved in the notorious Lipfinity RFID spying at a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Wal-Mart. What's more, P & G has a patent pending titled "Systems and Methods for Tracking Consumers in a Store Environment." Need we say more?

Since reading fine print on product labels may not always reveal their connection to P & G, one of the world's leading spychippers, here's a table that you can take with you when you shop. It comes straight from P & G's 2006 annual report:

pg key brands.jpg

--Liz McIntyre

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RFID is a technology of interest to everyone. It matters not whether you're conservative, liberal, or somewhere in the middle. No one likes the idea of being tracked and monitored by a technology. In fact, CASPIAN has thousands of members that come from all positions on the political spectrum and all walks of life. To join CASPIAN, you simply tell us that you agree with this basic statement: "It is wrong to spy on people through the products and services they buy."

That said, you might still wonder privately where you fit in the political spectrum. Michael Benoit, Candidate for California's 52nd Congressional District, sent me a link to a very telling quiz titled "The World's Smallest Political Quiz." See: http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html

The quiz promises to help you "find out where you fit on the political map." Warning: You might be shocked at the results.

--Liz McIntyre

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