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March 16, 2006

Coast to Coast listeners are the best!

We have been overwhelmed with email from my appearance on Coast to Coast AM this morning. I can't say enough thanks to all of you who have joined CASPIAN, ordered our book, and offered to volunteer. Together, we are going to have a huge impact on the direction of this country.

Don't forget to go to www.noNais.org and take the action steps on the home page to prevent the farm registration and animal tagging program from going into effect.


Posted by Katherine Albrecht at March 16, 2006 6:21 AM


You are doing important work. But, others and my self had to tune you out on Coast To Coast because of your constant use of the phrase, "YOU KNOW". It is extremely annoying to listen to someone constantly repeating, "YOU KNOW" over and over. Please take this under advisement.

Posted by: at March 16, 2006 12:44 PM

Katherine, good program overnight on Coast, am listening to it again on streamlink. Also listened to your interviews on KHNC. got the books from Bill of Rights Press.

On the shoes, the chips can be powered. Remember the sneakers that had the lights in the heel that the kids liked a lot a few years ago? Well there was a little electric generator there setting off the light. Now that same power generated when the heel put down could be used to charge a battery for a higher power, long-range RFID tag. of course I just gave them the idea on this BLOG but at least it is another area we must watch.


Posted by: Leslie at March 16, 2006 1:02 PM

Great show last night on Coast to Coast.

You're an excellent spokesperson and deserve an appearance on Larry King and Charlie Rose.

Posted by: john froins at March 16, 2006 1:48 PM

I was fascinated and horrified listening last night to Coast to Coast AM.
Did I hear Katherine say that they were rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem? Did I hear that correctly?
From what I understand there is a lot of prophesy that is hinged on the building of the Temple and I could not find any news about the current building of the Temple.

Posted by: Snowy at March 16, 2006 2:41 PM

WOW!!!! Just listened to your show and I was amazed and shocked that this is actually happening. Its much like the Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report."

Have you thought about making a movie about RFID tags in the future? Something realistic and action pacted. In the end of the movie you can put all of your websites in the movie and direct people that if they want to learn more they can go to the websites.

I just think this is amazing. I'm going to go home and study more on this and maybe create a flyer to hand out around town. I do not agree with RFID tags and I Do NOT agree wtih NAIS.


Posted by: Travis at March 16, 2006 3:33 PM

I'm director if an Auto ID systems integration company in the UK. I'm amazed by the utter lack of knowledge all of your articles display about the thing you're railing against. RFID doesn't work near metal, so the coke can thing is out. Gillette tags are anti theft and they're capacitive so they contain no data. Low cost UHF RFID tags have limited range, not "20-30 feet". You assume that, even if your comments were technically correct, the world has the IT infrastructure to be bothered about tracking you. Face it you're already on about 30 CCTV cameras at a shopping mall. Why don't you start telling the truth based on facts and not poetic licence... it's depressing the word has so much ignorance...

Posted by: Paul Cash at March 16, 2006 5:50 PM

To Paul Cash:

Thank you for taking the time to write with your concerns about our research. I gather from your email that you have not yet read our book "Spychips."

The tags Gillette used in the Tesco trial were uniquely numbered RFID tags, not EAS tags. They were used, among other things, to trigger a shelf camera to photograph the shopper picking them up. (See http://www.boycottgillette.com.)

You are correct that a Coke can would not be a good example of an RFID-trackable item, as both liquid and metal can interfere with RFID transmission. The Coke example actually came from directly a Coca Cola executive, however.

"In answer to a question about whether Coca-Cola is REALLY interested in uniquely identifying a single can of Coke among billions, Michael [Okoroafor, in charge of technical solutions for Coca-Cola] replied with a resounding 'YES'! "
[Source: IDTechEx Magazine 2003}

Although tracking cans of Coke may be problematic, a shoe (see below) would be very easy to scan. And you don't need more than a few centimeters of read range to read a shoe tag.

As for your concerns over our knowledge, I hope you have an opportunity to read the book, as you will see that we include several hundred footnotes citing source materials directly from IBM, Philips, NCR, Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Accenture, Intel and many other companies. The documents we cite describe in the companies' own
words how they intend to use RFID to keep close tabs on individual consumers -- to follow them around stores, peek inside their bags, and
spam them with invasive personalized advertising.
Many of these plans are quite disturbing, such as IBM's "person tracking unit," described in their patent titled "Identification and Tracking of
Persons Using RFID Tagged Objects."

It's available online -- see:

This IBM patent describes how consumers can be tracked and identified through RFID-tagged items they own, wear, and carry. IBM suggests
placing "person tracking units" to scan people's RFID tags in sports arenas, theaters, libraries, museums, and even public restrooms to identify unsuspecting members of the general public and spy on their belongings.

All of this and more is meticulously detailed in Spychips. We've provided extensive links to original source material so you can check it
out for yourself.

You suggest in your email that we should do more research, but my co-author and I have spent the last four years researching this topic.
We have combed nearly 30,000 documents, including patent filings, corporate white papers, promotional documents, technical and engineering
specs, conference proceedings, and much more. We are both trained researchers -- I am completing my doctorate at Harvard University, and Liz spent years working as a high-level federal bank examiner.

I agree that the plans we have uncovered and disclose in Spychips are extraordinarily creepy. I would be inclined to doubt them myself had I
not seen the extensive documentation with my own eyes. That is precisely why my co-author and I felt it was so important to expose these plans by
writing a book. The research in the book is impeccable, and proves beyond a doubt that major corporations and the government look forward
to harnessing the extraordinary potential of RFID to track and monitor the public.

While there are many potentially beneficial uses for RFID, it is important to recognize that there are also many bad uses for the technology. I encourage you to read a copy Spychips and become informed about them.

With sincere wishes for continued freedom,
- Katherine Albrecht

Posted by: Katherine Albrecht at March 16, 2006 6:30 PM

I listened to your program on Coast last night while working my security job. I heard you ask if anyone know how to mobalize thousands of volunteers. I cant say that I do but I can tell you the first step to combating this situation.

Christians need to speak out as the overwhelming voting demographic that they are.

We need to stop being Lukewarm before we get spit out!

Very few churches speak on political subjects at all because doing so could endanger their tax-exempt status. I say give unto ceaser what is ceaser's and start acting like we care. The church body needs to stop compromising about what we say from the pulpit and start making some noise about what this country is doing.

I would start organizing and encouraging your thousands of members to tell their pastor's and church leaders that they dont care about tax-exempt status if it means watching the country and the world speed toward it's demise.

Posted by: Justin at March 16, 2006 6:52 PM

I have an idea for a mass form of peaceful resistance. Something that came in the mail today sparked my thoughts about doing this.

I just received a new type of debit card from my bank which said "You've been tapped!". All I would have to do to use it, instead of swiping the usual debit card through the machine or handing it to a cashier, is "tap" it onto a reader (coming to or already in a store near you, I'm sure!).

My idea is to get as many people as possible to RESIST using these. In fact, we could consider agreeing the resisance of using any and all new types of "advanced" technology, including our old-style debit cards. They would probably begin to put a chip into those and require everyone to begin using their "newly-issued" debit card. I would say the only place to use your debit card would be at your own bank's ATM machine.

Yes, I know it makes life more complicated than usual, but what will life be like if they tighten the noose all the way on us?

Posted by: Dorie C at March 16, 2006 7:00 PM

Actually, regarding my comment about the "Tap" card, when I got the notice in the mail along with the card, it 'congratulated' me for receiving this new innovation. I think that is a psychological ploy on the part of the bank, of course.

I say passive resistance - refusing to use these - could be one of the answers we are looking for.


Posted by: Dorie C at March 16, 2006 7:54 PM

hey there miss kathy. stayed up for 3 hours..listening to your c2c.com show!! with george . when will the "pubilc" like us start getting these things..implanted..of course im praying and hoping..for the rapture to come but its not here.i just learned also that if implanted.. the reprocussions..of the health like aids and cancer will mount..it can doo cell damage to the skin..check it out for your self something to looking forward too huh.. also im surprised that my church new life..and others are so-called asleep on this project i havent heard nothing about it..thanks for you and keep up the great work..and well all destroy this monster that have seven heads..

Posted by: george at March 16, 2006 9:09 PM

Thanks so much for telling the world about your findings. Your show on coast to coast was amazing, and I think many people were awaken to what is going on. RFID is making me very upset, and NAIS about sends me through a wall! I cant believe the guts of our government.

Posted by: Zach at March 17, 2006 3:10 AM

Dear Katherine,
I recently heard you on a "Politics and Religion" broadcast, and you cited an example of a mid-western church that had already installed the biometeric scanning system for admitting children into Sunday School or some other function. I know that many TV "preachers" have instituted credit card giving with automatic deductions. Unfortunately the time ran out during the broadcast for you to give the documentation of the particular church. Do you have it and may I have it? Thanks for all you're doing!

Brother Jeff

Posted by: Jeff at April 11, 2007 4:20 PM

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