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February 22, 2006

NY RFID System Prompts Peaceful Protest

NY PATH scanner.jpg

Thanks to a supporter who snapped this photo of a New York City RFID scanner with a "SPYCHIPS.COM" sticker attached. Scanners like this are being installed in PATH train stations so riders can pay for fares with new RFID smart cards.

We're guessing this is the work of a grass roots activist who decided PATH train riders should visit our website to learn about the downsides of RFID technology. (This is not a CASPIAN sanctioned project, but we can't help but smile when we see this kind of peaceful protest and education campaign.)

Reportedly, these SPYCHIPS.COM stickers are showing up in other locations where RFID is in use. They appear to be non-destructive labels like you might see on file folders.

Here are some links to recent articles about the new PATH RFID system that might have prompted the recent activity:



- Liz McIntyre

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February 10, 2006

CityWatcher Implant Controversy

verichip with attrib.jpg

Our press release about CityWatcher implementing a new VeriChip-based security system has prompted some to "slam the [CityWatcher] site with irate emails," according to its Network Administrator Khary Williams. He says he's willing to have a dialogue about the system, but asks that those opposed show a bit more restraint.

"Posting raving emails about RFID doesn't really help anything. It makes me lose respect for your cause...," he said.

He's got a point.

Besides, the downsides of getting a VeriChip implant need no embellishment. The chip is not only a privacy and civil liberties nightmare, it is a poor option for security, and it's got serious problems as a medical device. That information alone should prompt CityWatcher and its employees to rethink the new system.

Please be kind. Thanks.

--Liz McIntyre

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